The Result: Streetview El Capitan is one of our proudest campaigns, where we have helped google achieve something that only they could pull off: putting Yosemite’s walls on the map and bringing them to life through the climbers whose lives are dedicated to scaling these cliffs.

 Google Streetview Yosemite has four key manifestations which can be seen in more detail on the pages below:

Dramatic 360 panoramic photos with climbing icons Lynn Hill, Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell thousands of feet up the wall.  These images are surfaced in google maps, and are embeddable to be shared via social.

The capture of vertical streetview up the entire 3,000 foot Nose of El Capitan that is incorporated into google maps. This is the first time vertical streetview has been captured and surfaced.

An interactive microsite to launch the new imagery that tells the story of climbing El Capitan with its greatest legends Lynn Hill and Alex Honnold.  The microsite, built with ubilabs (hyperlink), integrates audio voice over, short films, easter egg hot spots, insider tips, and self-navigation up the wall.

A series of short videos to launch the campaign, including the centerpiece 4-minute youtube launch video, a behind the scenes short, expert videos and historical clips.  The 4-minute launch video has XXXX views